Sisters of the World

Power of Creation and the

Greatness of the Feminine Energy

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Are you a Women Entrepreneur, an Artist, a Creator of services or products, a Scientific, a Healer, a Therapist, a Teacher and feel that you don't fit in the existing structures.

Business and management models are based on the masculine energy of control and competition, this is why most women feel they don't fit in the structures.

Sisters of the World (SOW) is sowing new stories of "Self Made" Women on the planet, new ways of creating your life in a very prosperous way, using the Power of Creation and the Greatness of Feminine Energy. 

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Join the community if you want to:

Reconcile your feminine/masculine, material/spiritual, humanity/divinity

Connect with your inner security, inner love, inner power (with your Goddess)

Create new powerful connections,

be more visible and be heard in the World

Connect with your own value and make more money with your creations

Live more Authentically, Joy, Well Being and Expansion




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