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Allow the reconciliation within us
to savour the Greatness of Co-creation

« Meet and discover women leaders around the world who create their lives outside of the box, outside of existing structures, in prosperity, fluidity, using the depths of their wisdom and Love.
Self-made women connected to the power of feminine energy! »

- Geneviève Young



Founded by Genevieve Young, Sisters of the World (SOW) is a group of women (men are always welcome) from all walks of life, every continent, every country, all fields (Arts, Health, Psychology, Technology, Medicine, Sports, Education, etc.). Women that chooses to create connections with other women to share the richness of their journeys, the beauty of their rituals, wealth of their depths and the magnificence of their creations. It’s all about creative women that chose to live a free, happy and prosperous life!

The first event was held in Montreal and more than 400 women attended. A Native Medicine Woman held a reconciliation ceremony between natives and non-natives from many places. Each woman represented a Nation, a Country, a Continent.


This ceremony was powerfully moving! To heal the wounds that were made by the colonization wanting to dominate and take control of territories many centuries ago. It's important to console this part of us if we want to fully occupy our inner selves.

We believe in the power of the heart, to connect with
each other 
and to reconcile within our selves the polarities
(Masculine/Feminine, Spiritual/Material, Competition/Co-creation, etc.).


Just as sisters live in bondage with each other, we want to share a variety of narratives to open the hearts and consciousness of our Sisters of the World to embrace the Greatness of Feminine Energy, to fashion their lives according to their own will.

Do you want to be part of it?

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