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Details for Membership Brothers of the World
BOW Masculine

Price: $50/Year - Receive $5 in your Honeycomb

The BOW Masculine Brother of the World promotes SOW products/services and content, and at each sale he receives an amount of money, which will be stored in his honeycomb. This money will be given to him quarterly by Bank Transfer, Paypal or Transferwise. BOW chooses to honor, support and salute women who choose to create from the power of feminine energy.

  • The BOW has the profile of a very active person and likes networking events.

  • He enjoys meeting people to weave heart connections and to activate the possibilities of co-creation between
    Sisters of the World (SOW).


  • He wishes to use his gifts and talents to foster more abundance in his life and in the lives of other SOW.

  • He acknowledges the Greatness and the impact co-creation has, not only on his individually,
    but on her community and on humanity!



  • Start stocking money in your honeycomb as soon as you buy your own membership! Unless you are referred by a member,
    this person will receive the money in her honeycomb! But don't worry, you can refer several other people.


  • Receive a BOW gift in the mail (For Canadian men) and a BOW gift digitally for others.

  • Increase your income.

  • Participate in a great co-creation movement, contribute to your prosperity and the prosperity of men and women,
    around you and around the world.

I want to become BOW Masculine.

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