How it works?

works like a colony of bees!

Be a bee!

The role of bees is to pollinate flowers, to allow their co-creation and the reproduction of plants.  Without pollination, plants cannot create seeds.


The bees also brings the pollen to the hive, in their honeycomb, make honey and wax that will serve as food, safety and abundance for the bee colony. makes
your creations bloom!

You can count on us to help you accelerate your growth by weaving strong heart connections and relationships with other Sisters of the World around the world.


Discover some benefits of having a membership with us!


By becoming a Member of, you will be able to co-create with other
Sisters of the World. For every sale or reference, you will add money to your honeycomb.

And like the bees, opportunities sown by Sister of the World will blossom in prosperity not only
for yourself but for your community and humanity.

Co-creation is inspired by this vibrant organization based on co-creation to ensure the support and abundance of our Sisters of the World!


Each of the content, product and/or service is created by a passionate entrepreneur who creates from the heart in order

to improve her life and those of others.

Our commitment

We are committed to offering contents, products and/or services created by Sisters of the World (SOW),
which bring a bouquet of happiness to our customers.


We are committed to providing our members with the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses,
the businesses of other SOWs and thus sow more joy, free-living and abundance in their lives and in humanity.


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