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A magazine full of short biographies of women from around the World. Stories that will open our hearts, build bridges and support all the Sisters of the World, of all nations and of all cultures!

Be inspired

The time has come to share the stories of influential women, women who use both their humanity and their divinity to achieve their full potential. It's time we all come together to be inspired from these unconventional models, to support ourselves in making this shift using the power of the feminine energy, all Sisters of the World together!

If you Think your story should be heard, you could also be a part of this magazine.  By becoming a member and then submit your text!


An edition of the SOW magazine is created for each event.

It can be purchased online.

Sourire femme

Genevieve Young is an author of seven books, an interviewer,

a columnist and a journalist with the Independent Journalists Association of Quebec (AJIQ).

She enjoys storytelling and spreading inspiring stories!
She decided to use a magazine as a medium to sow interesting stories of women who embraces the Greatness of the Feminine Energy to mold their lives.


Do you want to be part of it?

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