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Details for Membership SOW Queen

Price: $395/year - Receive $45 in your honeycomb


The Sow Queen  is a gatherer and/or an event organizer. She is a Leader and an influential woman who creates her life outside the existing structures, in prosperity,
fluidity, aligned with  the depths of her wisdom and Love. A "Self-made" woman who is connected to the power of the feminine energy!  She already has a large network and understands the power of co-creating from the heart.

  • The Queen has the profile of a gatherer who wants to support, maintain and create SOW events throughout the year on her territory (in her city, her village).

  • She will be the caretaker of her hive 😉 .

  • She wants to connect to other hives around the world.

  • She wants to sow even more interesting stories of women who have integrated the greatness of female energy to create their lives.

  • She has the profile of a good communicator who is interested in the full realization and empowerment of women.

  • She likes to meet other people to weave heart connections and activate the possibilities of co-creation between Sisters of the World.

  • She wants to use her gifts and talents to foster more abundance in her life and in the lives of other SOW.

  • She acknowledges the Greatness and the impact co-creation has, not only on her individually, but on her community and on humanity!


BENIFITS of being a SOW Queen:

  • Receive the “SOW Promo Kit Media Kit”.

  • Receive distance training to host your SOW event .

  • Sell promotional tools that will support your local activities.

  • Sell 1 item (Product, Content or Service) in the SOW Shop.  

  • Increase your income.

  • Start accumulating money in your honeycomb as soon as you buy your membership! Unless you are not referred by (e) member, it is this person who moneys it in his alveola! But don't worry, you've done several other people 😉

  • Join a great movement of co-creation and prosperity of women, around you and around the world.

  • Be a speaker at SOW Events in your area.

  • Host conference nights or other SOW events.

  • You are eligible to offer conferences at SOW Events that will take place around the world (A selection will be made for each location).

  • Be a guest at the talk SOW.

  • You are eligible to tell your inspiring story in SOW Magazine.

I want to become SOW Queen.

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