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Details for Membership SOW Worker 1,2 or 3 items

Price: $90/year (1 item) - Receive $9 in your honeycomb

Price: $140/year (2 items) - Receive $14 in your honeycomb

Price: $190/year (3 items) - Receive $19 in your honeycomb

The Sow Worker is a creator of content, product and/or service.
She can promote 1, 2 or 3 creations on the platform.

She understands that every time her honey is sold, she contributes to her personal abundance and to the abundance of other SOWs. She can also help, like the Sow Pollinator, to promote the creations of others in order to store honey in her honeycomb and increase her income.

  • She already has a business from which she creates content, products and/or services.

  • She wants to be part of a large network that uses the power of feminine energy, such as co-creation instead of competition.

  • She wants to make an impact on people's well-being with her creations.

  • She understands that by enriching herself she can also contribute to the prosperity of other SOWs around the world. That by using her creations, gifts and talents she can foster more abundance in her life and in the lives of other SOWs.

  • She is open to co-creation and joint venture partnerships and she likes to meet other people to weave heart connections and to activate the possibilities of co-creation between Sisters of the World.

  • She wants to live a prosperous and free-living life and create powerful connections, so that she can be more visible and heard around the world.


BENIFITS of being a SOW Worker:

  • Start accumulating money in your honeycomb as soon as you buy your membership! Unless you are referred by a member, this person will receive the money in her/his honeycomb! But don't worry, you can refer several other people 😉

  • Receive a SOW gift in the mail (For Canadians) and a digital gift for others.

  • Let your creations be seen wherever SOW goes and much more.

  • Access a SOWFemine community from around the world.

  • Increase your income.

  • Join a great movement of co-creation and prosperity for women, starting with you, around you and around the world.

I want to become SOW Worker.

How can I integrate my creations on platform?


If you are a woman entrepreneur, a teacher, a scientist, a sportswoman, a therapist, an artist, a creator of services, products or content, this platform is for you!

  • Pay your membership based on the number of items to display.

  • Complete one form per article.

  • Your sale price should reflect your current price, considering that an amount will be given to the person who has referred you (you will establish this amount) and considering that 20% of your sales will be given to SOWFeminine platform. You will need to detail the amount in the form before returning it. 
    Traduction en Anglais. 

For example: if you sell a $20 book, you set a reference amount of about 10%, say $2, and you will have to give 20% to SOWFeminine ($4). You will receive $14 from this transaction.

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